Mommy Wars

Similac’s new ad campaign is hilarious, poignant, and in my opinion spot on.

Since I stopped working (outside of the home that is, calm down) and started socializing more with other moms, I have learned that “mommy wars” is a true story. Moms be crazy.

Bravo to Similac for reminding us what it’s really all about.



Reese: 20 months, 9 days

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I haven’t provided an update on the subject of this blog for a long time. Actually, I’ve been posting for about a year and it looks like I’ve only provided two updates. Ever. Maybe I should stop talking about myself so much. God.

Reese is progressing as predicted. Tipping the scales at 29 lbs (90th percentile), no one would believe that we struggle to get her to eat most foods. Maybe a girl can live on pean alone.

She is like her mom in the way that she lives for consuming large amounts of carbs; loves include grilled cheese (wooo), waffles, oatmeal, baked beans, and “appasaw!!!!” (applesauce) which she demands fiercely and randomly, even while playing in her pool or sitting on the potty.  She’s not like her parents, or like anyone we want to know, in the way that she refuses almost all meat (except for these awesome turkey meatballs that I can sometimes trick her into eating.)

Reese is a shorty (75 cm and in the 16th percentile) and still has a huge, lovely head (95th percentile for head circumference), only these days it is full of bumps and bruises from her crib, the coffee table, the china cabinet, the steps, the floor, mom’s head, etc.

Words are her strong point and she uses sentences often. The other night in her bath she was talking to her bath toys and said, “Sit next to me, frog.” Andrew and I just about died.

She is a good sleeper except for the fact that daytime naps are not consistent. Many days she doesn’t nap at all. So maybe that makes her a bad sleeper? Not sure.

We recently took away her “baba” (pacifier) because she kept biting through it and small pieces were coming off in her crib, which was freaking me out. This event coincided with the end of daytime naps. She sleeps well at night without the baba, finally, but it was rough in the beginning. I was a thumb sucker myself and I vividly remember the comfort it offered, so it was a little sad to watch her go through the transition.

Each day we get another glimpse of the person Reese is becoming and we have begun to see a bit of her parents laid back nature, some of her mom’s  timidness, her dad’s smarts and dance moves, the sweet nature of her grandparents and a toughness for which I am thankful.

What I hope for most is that she grows up to be kind. This is what I tell people. Secretly though, I also really hope that she is hilarious. I think she will be.



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This Is What I Think About Mom Messageboards


The other day I googled “Baby Tylenol for teething” to see what other peeps are doing. Like many of my baby related inquiries, Google directed me to a BabyCenter message board on the subject.

Most of the time, I like reading these message boards. I usually agree with people’s comments and find it reassuring that other moms have the same questions I do. However, there are ALWAYS a few Deb Downers who will write outrageous responses about how something someone has done will surely cause their child permanent disfigurement, brain damage, etc. in a way that makes me want to punch them. Take the post below, which I came across in my search and was written in response to someone who said that they give their child teething tablets with natural ingredients to ease teething pain.

“I marvel at how people think that homeopathy always = safe. It doesn’t. Belladonna is night shade and it can cause memory loss and learning difficulties in large doses. Those homeopathic tablets are not regulated and were recalled a couple of years ago for inconsistent and high levels of belladonna. Some plants can cause organ failure if prepared improperly or too high of a dose is consumed. Especially by an infant.”

Now, at first glance I didn’t even know what this person was talking about and I thought that Belladonna was the name of her kid, so I immediately decided I would not be listening to her advice. On anything. Ever.

Upon further reading I learned that Belladonna is the name of a natural herb that is contained in some teething tablets. Clearly, Belladonna’s mom wants to make this other mom feel like crap and has probably succeeded. Why you gotta be like that?

My favorite message boards are on the BabyBump app. The boards are arranged by baby birth month, so you have a whole message board of moms who are going through exactly what you are at the same time. There have been many a day when I find solace in the fact that there is another mom who has accidentally turned off the baby monitor in the middle of the night or broken all the “rules” and slept in the bed with her baby for the first couple of months.

So whether it’s strictly for your own entertainment or for informational purposes,  I recommend the mommy message boards. Just don’t be that girl.

I’m talking to you Belladonna’s mom.

Oh My God, No One Told Us That!

No one has told me what you are supposed to do when you are out (at the mall for example) and you have to go to the bathroom. The stroller can NOT fit in the stall with you (I have tried and I’m pretty sure I looked hilarious), your child is not big enough to stand on her own yet, and you are not about to sit her on the floor.

Please, someone tell me. There must be a simple solution since I imagine tons of people have to do this every day.

Well yesterday I couldn’t figure it out so I just went home.

First Fever

Yesterday morning Reese woke up crying.

This never happens. She is always happy upon waking. When I hear her stirring after a nap or in the morning and open her door to find her standing up in her crib, bleary eyed but smiling, it is just the best.

When I got home from work yesterday evening my mother in law (who watches Reese for us Mon-Thurs) told me that Reese had been a bit fussy all day, but nothing crazy. She felt a little warm to me and I ended up taking her temperature while I was getting her ready for her bath.


It kind of freaked me out a little. I had never seen it that high.  I called her doctor’s office and spoke to a nurse who let me know that someone would get back to me.

I wasn’t TOO worried because she was acting like her normal self for the most part, just looking a little tired. She still wanted to play and she was happy while I gave her a bath.

After her bath I put her in her warm, footed, fleecy pajamas  (why would someone do this to a baby with a 102.9 degree fever? I am wondering the same thing today) and waited for our call back.

When the doctor called me back I was in the middle of changing Reese’s diaper. Her new thing is that she hates getting changed so she was crying a little bit. To add insult to injury, in my attempts to juggle my phone and a squirming baby, I caught Reese’s belly in the zipper as I zipped up her pajamas. I know, I know. I cringe just thinking about it. She looked stunned for a second and then did her signature, mouth wide open but no sound coming out, eyes scrunched up, face bright red, body shaking cry. It’s the worst.

The doctor instructed me to give her Tylenol, lots of fluids and not to put her in any type of “hot, fleece clothing.” She actually said this. Was she watching me?? Strike Two.

I had to change her again which really pissed her off. This followed by trying to give her the baby Tylenol that smelled like berry death. She was not having it and at some point it must have gone down the wrong way because she started choking and gasping for breath, which was also scary. At this point, I’m pretty sure she would have slapped me if she could have.

Once she had calmed down we read some books and I nursed her to sleep in the glider. She woke up a few times during the night but went right back to sleep after eating.

So, it looks like we have survived our first  fever. I won’t be presumptuous and say we survived it unscathed, because I’m not sure that’s the word Reese would use, but this morning she awoke fever free, bleary eyed smile in full effect.

9 Month Update. One Month Late.


On Friday I took Reese to the Pediatrician for her nine month appointment. I was a little late. About a month late, but unfortunately that is how we roll these days.

Trying to balance work and home is always a struggle and in an attempt to schedule the appointment on one of my work-from-home days, it ended up being closer to her 10 month birthday.

This is what I learned.

Our not so little cherub is 22 lbs 8 oz and in the 96th percentile for weight (yea gurl!), 28 inches tall and in the 56th percentile for height (seeing that I spent my life in the 10th percentile I am psyched about average!) and off the charts for head circumference (big brains!)

She is crawling, grabbing, pulling herself up on her crib/ coffee table/pack and play and can walk her little toy shopping cart all by herself…. for a little while. Andrew and I think she will walk any day now, but really, what the hell do we know.

She loves, loves, LOVES other babies. She shows this by aggressively pointing and loudly grunting at them. It cracks me up every time. Other loves include books (particularly Goodnight Boston, and Elmo’s Guessing Game of Colors), bouncing in her bouncer, pushing her carts, and riding (and falling off of) her “bike.”

She says “mama” and “dada” and I swear she said “basketball” the other day.

She is eating just about everything. Bananas are a favorite and usually when she finishes one we have to throw the peel away immediately or she will continue to point at it and reach for it, asking for more.

In July, her two bottom middle teeth came through. No other teeth yet.

Overall, she is right on track and developing  like a normal, healthy baby. Another clean bill of health from the doc makes us a happy fam!

Fenugreek Review

In just about three months my little Reesie pants will hit a major milestone. She will turn one year old!

With the first birthday will come a change that has been on my mind for a while now.


After almost 10 months of nursing, Reese is slowly starting to nurse less and eat solids more. Can you blame her? She knows whats good.  

Because she is nursing so little lately, my milk supply has slowly been decreasing. She still needs some milk while I am at work Monday-Thursday (I work from home on Fridays) and some days I don’t pump enough for her to have the following day.

I wanted to continue exclusively breastfeeding until her first birthday, so after some research I decided to try the Fenugreek supplements. Supposably (just kidding) Supposedly, the Fenugreek seed  increases milk supply, so I picked up a bottle of Fenugreek capsules at Whole Foods (100 pills for $8.99.)

Here’s the verdict.

Effectiveness: It works.I saw an increase in supply in about 3 days; although it was not as much as I had expected. I have been getting about 1 oz more per pumping session. I’m satisfied with this. At this point, Reese is not drinking that much milk so every little bit counts.

Dosage: I took 2 pills (610 mg each) three times a day with meals. Doesn’t that seem like a ton?? It’s the suggested dosage on the bottle.  KellyMom says that studies showed no difference in a mother’s milk supply unless at least 3500 mg of Fenugreek a day is taken, so I guess this is a good amount. FYI bottle says these are not safe to take if prego.

Side Effects: I haven’t experienced any side effects except for smelling like maple syrup (surprisingly, not necessarily in a good way.) Reese’s diaper even smelled like maple syrup when I took it off of her the other morning. Ha!

Overall I would recommend it if you need a boost. Although I didn’t see a huge difference , there definitely was some increase, and it helped catch me up on my supply a little bit.

Next up: The dreaded weaning from the pacifier.  We’re a little nervous about this one.