This Is What I Think About Mom Messageboards


The other day I googled “Baby Tylenol for teething” to see what other peeps are doing. Like many of my baby related inquiries, Google directed me to a BabyCenter message board on the subject.

Most of the time, I like reading these message boards. I usually agree with people’s comments and find it reassuring that other moms have the same questions I do. However, there are ALWAYS a few Deb Downers who will write outrageous responses about how something someone has done will surely cause their child permanent disfigurement, brain damage, etc. in a way that makes me want to punch them. Take the post below, which I came across in my search and was written in response to someone who said that they give their child teething tablets with natural ingredients to ease teething pain.

“I marvel at how people think that homeopathy always = safe. It doesn’t. Belladonna is night shade and it can cause memory loss and learning difficulties in large doses. Those homeopathic tablets are not regulated and were recalled a couple of years ago for inconsistent and high levels of belladonna. Some plants can cause organ failure if prepared improperly or too high of a dose is consumed. Especially by an infant.”

Now, at first glance I didn’t even know what this person was talking about and I thought that Belladonna was the name of her kid, so I immediately decided I would not be listening to her advice. On anything. Ever.

Upon further reading I learned that Belladonna is the name of a natural herb that is contained in some teething tablets. Clearly, Belladonna’s mom wants to make this other mom feel like crap and has probably succeeded. Why you gotta be like that?

My favorite message boards are on the BabyBump app. The boards are arranged by baby birth month, so you have a whole message board of moms who are going through exactly what you are at the same time. There have been many a day when I find solace in the fact that there is another mom who has accidentally turned off the baby monitor in the middle of the night or broken all the “rules” and slept in the bed with her baby for the first couple of months.

So whether it’s strictly for your own entertainment or for informational purposes,  I recommend the mommy message boards. Just don’t be that girl.

I’m talking to you Belladonna’s mom.

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