9 Month Update. One Month Late.


On Friday I took Reese to the Pediatrician for her nine month appointment. I was a little late. About a month late, but unfortunately that is how we roll these days.

Trying to balance work and home is always a struggle and in an attempt to schedule the appointment on one of my work-from-home days, it ended up being closer to her 10 month birthday.

This is what I learned.

Our not so little cherub is 22 lbs 8 oz and in the 96th percentile for weight (yea gurl!), 28 inches tall and in the 56th percentile for height (seeing that I spent my life in the 10th percentile I am psyched about average!) and off the charts for head circumference (big brains!)

She is crawling, grabbing, pulling herself up on her crib/ coffee table/pack and play and can walk her little toy shopping cart all by herself…. for a little while. Andrew and I think she will walk any day now, but really, what the hell do we know.

She loves, loves, LOVES other babies. She shows this by aggressively pointing and loudly grunting at them. It cracks me up every time. Other loves include books (particularly Goodnight Boston, and Elmo’s Guessing Game of Colors), bouncing in her bouncer, pushing her carts, and riding (and falling off of) her “bike.”

She says “mama” and “dada” and I swear she said “basketball” the other day.

She is eating just about everything. Bananas are a favorite and usually when she finishes one we have to throw the peel away immediately or she will continue to point at it and reach for it, asking for more.

In July, her two bottom middle teeth came through. No other teeth yet.

Overall, she is right on track and developing  like a normal, healthy baby. Another clean bill of health from the doc makes us a happy fam!

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