Talking Back

Hearing Reese suddenly bust out in new sentences/phrases never, ever gets old. Sometimes we recognize them immediately as things we say often, other times we have no idea where they come from. Those are my favorite.

These are some gems that we have heard over the past few weeks.

Andrew: Reese, do you want a veggie burger for dinner?
Reese: How ’bout a bagel?
Note: She has probably had a bagel twice in her life, and I rarely have them in the house so this was pretty random.

Me: Those are Mama’s crutches.
Reese <in menacing voice> : REESIE’S CRUTCHES!!!

Reese: Let me get that.

Gammy: Hi Reese
Reese: No!
Gammy: I wasn’t asking a question, just saying hi.
Reese: No hi!

Reese to Daddy: Calm down. <Said in a quiet voice, while holding her hand up in the air, then slowly lowering it down, just as he says it to her.>

A glimpse of the sassy teenage years to come perhaps?

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