Little Things

My first purchase for our new little one.

070 (2)_phixr

072 (2)_phixr

I love it.

074 (2)_phixr

Searching for the perfect mobile for baby’s room was one of the first things I did for both babies. With Reese, and now with baby # 2, we did not find out the gender, so nursery décor could be challenging, but Etsy never fails me.

Here is Reese’s mobile.



After being moved from above her crib to above her changing table, this no longer hangs in her room. Once she started being able to reach up and grab it we took it down and I never found another spot that seemed right for it.

It is still one of my  favorite little things and I don’t plan to pack it away anytime soon. I hope to find a spot for it in Reese’s new room; a small reminder of  babyhood that is still cool enough to hang in a “big girl” room.

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