All of This Happened




So, I haven’t exactly been hiding, but I spent much of the past 9 months looking like this, so there hasn’t been much time for blogging.

img_7325Our third born, June Powers, arrived on August 23rd, 2017 at 11 AM, one week early, via a scheduled c-section.

And she is just beautiful. None of us can stop looking at her. She came into the world kicking and screaming and weighing in at 7 lbs 3 oz, our smallest baby yet. She is quiet and gentle until she gets hungry. Then she is pissed. She seems to be unfazed by the screaming/yelling, non-stop talking, and tackling that goes on in our house, so I think she will survive here nicely.

Her first week here has been chaotic. James and Reese both started school and there were visiting days and orientations, not to mention dealing with the aftermath of a pipe that burst in our basement while we were in the hospital.

Meanwhile, June is straight chillin’ all day long. She sleeps at night. The first couple of nights home from the hospital I actually had to wake her for her feedings. For the record, when other people told me they had to do this with their newborn babies, I secretly never believed them. I know this may not continue, but it’s nice to have right now, while trying to recover from the c-section and get two kids up and out the door for school in the morning. Sidenote: I laugh a little inside when I say things like “get the kids up and out the door for school.” It’s so mom-ish.

I actually love the chaos this time around. Reese was born in November and because the weather was terrible, flu season was nearing, and she was our only child, her and I pretty much spent her first winter hunkered down in our living room watching Laguna Beach reruns. When James arrived two years later in March, the weather was better but we also had a two-year old who wasn’t in school yet, woke insanely early, never went to bed easily and could do very little for herself. Sicknesses ravaged our house those first few months and those were probably some of the hardest days of my life. I could remember feeling guilty just wishing that James would hit that 3 month mark and maybe start sleeping better. I felt like I was wishing his babyness away. So far, I don’t have those feelings this time.

Now, Reese is in school full-time, we have swimming lessons and soccer practices to go to and June will be dragged to everything. Much like any younger sibling, and I think she will roll with it.

Here are some glimpses of our first few days.








And Then There Were Four

FebMarch2014 092_phixr

I am happy to announce that I am no longer pregnant.

James Eli was born via C-section on March 5th, 2014 at 1:55 PM and has been charming the pants off us ever since. Isn’t he a handsome devil?

We are tired, busy and tired. Some days we don’t shower. Did I mention we are tired?

Big sister is warming up, ever so slowly, to her new little brother and we think they may be friends one day. Recently, she has begun showing genuine concern when I enter a room without James in my arms. She asks “What happened to James?”, and sometimes her tone sounds accusing.

Big changes happening in our house and once I stop using my “spare” time to eat, sleep or shower I will fill you in.

In the meantime, here are some pics of our first day with our beloved baby boy.

James 2 009_phixr James 2 018_phixr James 2 023_phixr

James 2 051_phixr


Good God. 40 Weeks and 2 Days.

jackie mar 2 2014 075_phixrNo sign of this baby yet.

Reese was ten days late and a little part of me is dying imagining the possibility of being pregnant for another 8 days.

Aside from attempting to eat myself into labor, I am not doing much else. I’m not sure how I feel about those weird natural methods for inducing labor that you read about, but talk to me in a few days and I may have changed my tune.

My “birth plan” (I use that term loosely) includes trying for a VBAC (or C-VAG as my brother-in-law referred to it ) so my doctor is trying to avoid induction for as long as possible,  because apparently risks can be increased by an induction. She said we will talk about our plan at my next appointment and we can “see how I feel.” I thought it was pretty clear how I feel. I mean look at me. But ok.

We had an ultrasound last week that showed a 7lb 12 oz baby.  I know that the weight estimates are rarely accurate, but I am relieved that they aren’t telling me I’m having a giant baby, like they did with Reese.

33 lbs gained. I cannot even believe the fact that I was a full 22 lbs heavier than this last time. What a beast.

And so we wait….Will keep you posted.

Oh My God I’m Huge. 36 Weeks

2014-01-01 2014-01-01 001 001_phixr

I am officially all set with being pregnant.

It kills to put on my shoes. I walk like I am 90 years old and have spent the day on a horse. I pee probably every 12 minutes.  I am living in a polar vortex and my coat no longer buttons over my belly. The baby moves constantly and when it kicks, it actually hurts. It feels like I have a 2-year-old in there.  Maternity pants are not even comfortable. I am itchy all over. The only place I am fully comfortable is in my bed, with my maternity pillow. It takes a little too long for me to get out of my car. I am thirsty all the time, thus contributing to the peeing problem. Reese keeps pointing to a freckle on my stomach and saying “baby” so we have gone wrong somewhere with our explanations.

Done complaining (for now), and hoping these last 4 weeks go by quickly. Was it this bad last time? I can’t remember.

24 Weeks


This is me. 24 weeks along.

I am laughing in this picture because selfies are just ridiculous, especially in my state. The inside-out shirt is the least of my problems.

When I was pregnant with Reese, my hair got shinier, my skin got clearer, and I was told on more than one occasion that I had that “pregnancy glow.” This time, not so much. I have painful, nasty looking spider veins on my legs, my face is breaking out like I’m in high school, and people usually just tell me that I look tired (I guess I’ll take that over “huge”, which was also a crowd favorite last time around.)

New Things: Braxton Hicks contractions have started and are not pleasant. I don’t really remember feeling them until much later with Reese, but the  uncomfortable, tightening/clenching feeling is currently happening almost every day.

Weight: 14 lbs gained overall. I have been scared to look at the scale since I got my cast off 3 weeks ago, but it hasn’t been as bad as I thought.

Measuring: Average, which makes me happy. I measured large throughout my pregnancy with Reese and the doctors estimated that I was having a 10 lb baby (she was 8.5.) I have a thing for big babies though so aside from the actual birthing part, I’m hoping for another chunker.

Food Cravings: Any/all food. Prego problems.

Gender: No idea. Come February, baby number 2 will surprise us again, just like his/her big sister did.

This Is Happening……

I’m no fan of selfies, but this is what I look like now.




Baby number two will be here in February and everyone is pretty excited around these parts.

Three months in, this pregnancy is a little different than with Reese and of course a little more difficult, but I haven’t experienced any nausea or morning sickness. Headaches and exhaustion are the worst of it right now, so I am considering myself lucky.

What’s Different This Time: There were basically no symptoms in the beginning of this pregnancy. Last time the  gigantic, sore boobs started immediately, and I felt slightly nauseous in the mornings; this time I didn’t feel any different those first few weeks, until the tiredness set in.

What I’m Craving: SALT. Potato Chips. Cheese and Crackers. Grilled Cheese. Pickles (has anyone ever tried the homemade pickles from Whole Foods? They are amazing and I’m hooked.)  Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (no other brands will do, and Andrew learned the hard way that box directions should be followed precisely, i.e. don’t try to skip the butter because I will know, and I will come for you.) With Reese I craved a lot of juices and citrus fruits and still ended up gaining 50 lbs so I can already tell that it is not going to be a good scene up in here in a few months.

What I’m Trying to Force Myself to Eat: Greek yogurt, Luna bars, greens, blah blah blah blah.

What I am Tired of Hearing: “Pregnant women only need 200 extra calories a day; that’s equivalent to  about a cup of yogurt.” No wine, no coffee and now no excuse to “eat for two.” Thanks.

Weight Gained: 3 lbs according to me, we’ll see what the doctor’s scale says next week.

What I’m Doing: Still trying to run for as long as I can, and making an effort to get up and walk around more at work. I signed up for a 5K in mid September, so I have to keep running at least until then. Pilates, walking, pregnancy workouts on Skimble. These things are done only when I feel like it. 3 times a week is a great week.

What They Told Me This Time That They Didn’t Tell Me Last Time: No soft serve ice cream. Ummmmmmm, hold the phone. Dairy Queen is delicious and I feel bad for the fetus who doesn’t get to experience it. I don’t remember this being a restriction with Reese but I guess I could have blocked it out. Very sad. Not going to lie, I haven’t been following this one 100%.

What Reese Thinks: Not much. We talk about babies and sharing a lot, and Andrew bought her a book  called “What To Expect When Mommy’s Expecting” which, in my opinion, is a little more detailed than necessary. Call me crazy but I’d rather not have my toddler telling  people that there is a baby in mama’s uterus. Actually, just don’t talk about my uterus at all. Or know about it.

We are already dying to meet this baby but are taking more time to enjoy moments with Reese that are all hers. Six months to go and three months behind us.