Good God. 40 Weeks and 2 Days.

jackie mar 2 2014 075_phixrNo sign of this baby yet.

Reese was ten days late and a little part of me is dying imagining the possibility of being pregnant for another 8 days.

Aside from attempting to eat myself into labor, I am not doing much else. I’m not sure how I feel about those weird natural methods for inducing labor that you read about, but talk to me in a few days and I may have changed my tune.

My “birth plan” (I use that term loosely) includes trying for a VBAC (or C-VAG as my brother-in-law referred to it ) so my doctor is trying to avoid induction for as long as possible,  because apparently risks can be increased by an induction. She said we will talk about our plan at my next appointment and we can “see how I feel.” I thought it was pretty clear how I feel. I mean look at me. But ok.

We had an ultrasound last week that showed a 7lb 12 oz baby.  I know that the weight estimates are rarely accurate, but I am relieved that they aren’t telling me I’m having a giant baby, like they did with Reese.

33 lbs gained. I cannot even believe the fact that I was a full 22 lbs heavier than this last time. What a beast.

And so we wait….Will keep you posted.

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