Big Girl Bed Still A Big Hit

We are probably setting a bad precedent, but Reese’s favorite thing to do is jump on her new bed. She says “I want to jump!” and she likes to have an audience when she does it. When her cousin joins, it is even more fun. My mom, sister and I were cracking up as the two of them went crazy on the bed (Mira got so crazy she lost her pants.)

There were some tumbles, a couple of collisions, and some run ins with the wall, but I think this my have been the best day of Reese’s life.






2013 was a big year for us.

Reese turned two in November.


This is what a lot of two has looked like so far…..110_phixr

She may not have loved her birthday party, but some people had fun.


My sister got married in November and Reese was a flower girl. We got her to walk down the aisle by bribing her with lollipops. I learned an important parental lesson; candy gets shit done.


We found out that baby number 2 would be coming to us in February 2014 and that Reesie would be getting a new cousin (her third!) in early March.


Glasses were a big hit this year.



Reese understood Christmas a little more this year. By this I mean that she knows nothing about the day being a celebration of the birth of Christ but everything about Santa, candy canes and presents.



It was a year full of exciting firsts; first time eating an ice cream cone, first time swimming in a lake, first time riding an unenclosed train in frigid cold temperatures when Mom forgot your hat and mittens, etc. There were also some  “oh my god she’s no longer my baby” lasts. Your second, and last year as an only child, the last time you used a baba (pacifier), the last time sleeping in your crib (more on this soon.) The list goes on, and we know it is only just beginning.

Cheers to 2014. We can’t wait to see what it will look like.


At Two Years


Dearest Reese, Reesie-Roo, Reesie-Pie, Reese-a-roni,

On November 29th we celebrated your second birthday over a chocolate cupcake and a peanut butter and banana sandwich.

At two years old you are talking up a storm (in a weird Boston/NYC-ish accent) and we love coming home from work and hearing about your day, even if most of the details are fabricated.

You are a little boss lady and one of your favorite things to do is to tell people where they should sit. “Mama, sit here!” “Dada, sit on the floor, read a book!”

You love music, instruments and dancing. Every night after your bath you run to your CD player, press play and dance like a naked maniac to whatever song comes on. Most nights the dance party ends in tears when I pick you up to put you in your pajamas. From your changing table, with fat tears rolling down your cheeks, you often cry out, “I want to dance!” Jessie Spano style. It’s both sad and hilarious.

And oh yea, you are a drama queen. You have taken to burying your face in your hands and shaking your head when you don’t get something you want.

You love telling us what you don’t like. You say it sternly and tersely, “I don’t like it!” Your father and I often use this and a few of your other catchphrases (said in your voice) when we are talking to each other, and we crack ourselves up. Dislikes noted include the doctor, your unborn sibling, Miles, whatever I make you for dinner, candles, and Elmo when he wears a disguise/costume (you get particularly offended when he dresses like a cowboy.)

You are a Daddy’s girl. You want Dada to give you a bath, Dada to read you stories and Dada to sing “Kookaburra” to you around the clock. I am accepting the fact that you have no loyalty to the one who carried you for 9 months. I see how it is.

We know you are our child because you love food. Certain food. You are super picky but you would eat all day long if we let you (sorry, girl.) You like to say, “I eat like cookie monster”, and then shove food into your mouth with both hands. At Thanksgiving, when Dada asked you what you were thankful for you said food first, then your books. We like your priorities. You love graham crackers, Cheerios, apples, oatmeal, bananas, peanut butter and banana sandwiches, cream cheese and jelly sandwiches, raisins, rice and beans, and little else (aside from the obvious; cookies, cakes, ice cream, chips etc.)

You let us put you down to sleep every night with no problem.  When we go downstairs we look at your monitor and see you sitting in your crib, turning the pages of your books in the pitch dark. In the morning when we open your door the first thing you say is, “Go downstairs and eat oatmeal!”

You are coming out of your shell a bit more around other kids. You are slowly getting braver and don’t always run away from other kids, especially if they have the good toys. It takes you awhile to warm up to new people, but usually after 15 minutes or so you feel comfortable enough to tell them where they should sit and what they should do.

We look forward to your third year so much; to seeing you as a big sister and to hearing more of what you have to say. We wish you would stop growing up so fast, but we love seeing the little person you are becoming. You make it really hard to not be one of those parents who brags about their kid all the time, so I just do it on this blog instead.





Reese: 20 months, 9 days

2013-05-26 may 2013 Canon 010


I haven’t provided an update on the subject of this blog for a long time. Actually, I’ve been posting for about a year and it looks like I’ve only provided two updates. Ever. Maybe I should stop talking about myself so much. God.

Reese is progressing as predicted. Tipping the scales at 29 lbs (90th percentile), no one would believe that we struggle to get her to eat most foods. Maybe a girl can live on pean alone.

She is like her mom in the way that she lives for consuming large amounts of carbs; loves include grilled cheese (wooo), waffles, oatmeal, baked beans, and “appasaw!!!!” (applesauce) which she demands fiercely and randomly, even while playing in her pool or sitting on the potty.  She’s not like her parents, or like anyone we want to know, in the way that she refuses almost all meat (except for these awesome turkey meatballs that I can sometimes trick her into eating.)

Reese is a shorty (75 cm and in the 16th percentile) and still has a huge, lovely head (95th percentile for head circumference), only these days it is full of bumps and bruises from her crib, the coffee table, the china cabinet, the steps, the floor, mom’s head, etc.

Words are her strong point and she uses sentences often. The other night in her bath she was talking to her bath toys and said, “Sit next to me, frog.” Andrew and I just about died.

She is a good sleeper except for the fact that daytime naps are not consistent. Many days she doesn’t nap at all. So maybe that makes her a bad sleeper? Not sure.

We recently took away her “baba” (pacifier) because she kept biting through it and small pieces were coming off in her crib, which was freaking me out. This event coincided with the end of daytime naps. She sleeps well at night without the baba, finally, but it was rough in the beginning. I was a thumb sucker myself and I vividly remember the comfort it offered, so it was a little sad to watch her go through the transition.

Each day we get another glimpse of the person Reese is becoming and we have begun to see a bit of her parents laid back nature, some of her mom’s  timidness, her dad’s smarts and dance moves, the sweet nature of her grandparents and a toughness for which I am thankful.

What I hope for most is that she grows up to be kind. This is what I tell people. Secretly though, I also really hope that she is hilarious. I think she will be.



2013-05-26 may 2013 Canon 011

2013-05-26 2013-08-04 001 017

Where We’ve Been

Here I am.

Summer has happily gotten in the way and I haven’t been able to write as much as I would like. Here is what we’ve been up to the past couple of months

Lots of pool time in the yard because it has been HOT



Quick, post-work trips to the lake


Our cousin turned 2 and we partied!




Tried on dresses for my Auntie Kris’s wedding



We went to the lake for a week. I swam, saw the sights, went to my first amusement park,  and ate my first ice cream cone, which was a mix of emotions.





















Now it’s August and we are savoring our evenings outside because we know we won’t have them for much longer. Bedtimes have been pushed back and baths are sometimes skipped. And we are loving it.

Reese Hates Singing And She Doesn’t Care Who Knows It


Reesie has started a new habit which is majorly bossy and slightly worrisome, but more importantly, hilarious.

She gets royally ticked when people sing aloud.

I first noticed it a few weeks ago when my mother was over and Reese hit the music button on her little toy station thing. It started playing one of our favorite songs.

“There’s so many colors, here are just a few; red and yellow, green and BLUE!”

My mom and I sang along, like we always do when her music plays, and Reese flipped her shizz.

“Nooooooo!” she yelled at us while making a mad face and waving her hand around in her face. “No, No!” She looked scared and also pissed. We stopped, (Reese is the boss of us) and let her continue listening to her song in peace.

Later on, when she turned on her musical British teapot (hilar), we started the dancing and singing along again.

“Would you like a spot of tea? Some for you and some for me! Let’s take turns and always say, please and thank YOU!”

She stopped dead in her tracks and looked at us. “NO! NO! Nooooooo” she commanded, shaking her head and doing the wild hand waving.

I figured it was just my singing that offended her so much, until this past weekend when we attended our neighbor’s first birthday party.

All was going well until it was time to sing Happy Birthday. I had forgotten about her issues with singing and actually thought she would love hearing the song. The minute the singing began Reese looked at me with the mad face. Seconds later, the handwaving began. “Noooooooo! No! No!” She made sure to make eye contact with other party goers as well, as if to say “I’m talking to you too.”

This continued on and off for the rest of the song.

People noticed.

I assume this is just one of those random, weird phases that toddlers go through, but if not, we are all in serious trouble if we are embarrassing our kid this early in life.

Holler At Us Nemo


We spent this past weekend snowed in at Gammy and Grandpa’s house thanks to winter storm Nemo (hilarious name.)

It felt pretty good to not have anything to do except to visit with aunties and grandparents, eat, eat and eat, and play in the snow.

  We showed off all of our tricks. “Where’s your nose, Reese?” “Where’s Grandpa’s nose?”067_phixr

Auntie Elyse put her wine aside for a few minutes to play with me! Miles supervised.


There were walks in the woods.


I played with TJ. Check out my “Squirrel” pants!


I inspected Gammy’s produce.


We kind of wish everyone weekend was like this. Maybe without the 25 inches of snow though.


Reese at 13 Months


At thirteen months old, Reese is showing us something new every day. Her steps are getting steadier, her words are getting clearer (and louder) and we are getting a glimpse of our girl’s personality. We are beginning to see a sassy/mischievous side to Reese that is delighting us and scaring us at the same time.

At 23.5 lbs she is strong and sturdy and has a belly that would make any baby jealous. She has six teeth (4 on the top and 2 on the bottom), is 29 inches long and still has a crazy big head with dark hair that I cannot wait to get into pigtails.

Here’s what she’s been up to the past couple of months.

New tricks:  Walking everywhere, giving kisses to everything (the man on the Quaker oatmeal container is a favorite), making animal noises (we’ve got the cow and the lamb down pat),  pointing at the TV and screaming “Elmo” (not our favorite new trick),  pretend answering the phone (putting her hand immediately to her ear) whenever we hear a phone ring anywhere, telling us “no” while hitting us in the face (also not a favorite), mimicking things we say with the same inflection/tone we use (this one doesn’t happen very often, but is absolutely hilarious when it does), and incessantly asking for whoever is not there (when Daddy goes somewhere she immediately begins asking for him and then takes your hand and leads you around the house to look for him.)

Favorites: All food (although I still can’t get her to eat meat!), but particularly rice and lentils, BANANAS, crackers, sweet potatoes, oatmeal with raisins, Cheerios, grapes, Elmo, babies, books, and her talking teapot

Words: baby (with a French accent), mama, dada, nana, no,  “cruck-a” (cracker), bath, and “myyyyyyyy” (Miles.)