Talking Back

Reese: <After giving me a hug then running across the kitchen> I run away from the baby!

Reese: I need to watch some Elmo

Reese: <standing at the top of the stairs calling down to me>: Jackie! Jackie! Are you down there?

Reese: <to Daddy>: Put on your coat jackass.
We have no idea where she learned this. Honestly. We try really hard not to swear around Reese and that is not even a swear word of choice for us! She does have a book about a mouse and a donkey and in the book the donkey is referred to as a jackass, but when we read it we always call it a donkey. We are mystified.

2 thoughts on “Talking Back

  1. I love that book, Jackass and all. And I bet Reese will grow to love her sibling as much,if not more, than she fusses about it now. Keep these wonderful quotes coming. love, Candy

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