New To Us

This girl just got some new threads.

Second hand stores are my new thing.

I always admired other people who could go to a second hand store and come out with the best stuff. I am a little too lazy to go to a store where I have to search through tons of racks and I’m not  patient enough to give things a try that I don’t immediately like. Also, I am practually a midge so most normal clothes don’t fit me without tailoring; another thing for which I have no patience.

BUT, second hand stores for kids are probably the best things ever. Lately Reese is growing out of everything in what seems like days. I LOVE buying cute stuff for her but it’s hard to justify paying a lot for cute clothes that may get ruined at the next meal.

A couple weekends ago my mom and I went to a second hand kids store that sells lightly used clothes, shoes, toys and baby gear (strollers, pack and plays, etc.) My mom wasn’t succesful in her quest for a high chair to keep at her house for the babes, but Reese got 2 name brand shirts and 2 adorable dresses  for only a few bucks each. Holla!

At first I had mixed feelings about getting used clothes for Reese but when I saw how much baby clothes cost and how long she stays in them, I was sold. I give everything I buy a double wash and don’t get anything that doesn’t look new. Most of the stuff I bought still had the tags on them!

These look a lot better ironed and when she’s actually wearing them, but I didn’t have the heart to make her try all of this stuff on just for a photo opp.

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