Product Review: Simplest Home Cabinet and Drawer Baby Locks

We have a bin in our basement that is full of baby proofing crap; both used and unused. Doorknob covers, cabinet locks, plug covers, furniture corner covers, gates, we have it all. Andrew was kind of obsessed with baby proofing.

None of it worked great, much of it was cheap and flimsy and the kids eventually figured out how to crack them.

When we moved Reese out of her crib we needed some sort of child locks that would keep her dresser drawers shut. We were worried about her pulling them out and climbing in them, or just making a huge mess every night by emptying them, which she did a few times. We found some locks that could be installed on the inside of the drawer and then required a magnet for opening. They were a HUGE pain in the ass. The installation took forever, was extremely complicated, and we had to drill holes in our brand new dresser. Even once they were installed, sometimes I had to run the magnet over the drawer a couple of times before it actually unlocked it. It was a great idea, because it actually is childproof (as long as your kid doesn’t get a hold of a magnet), but I would never install those things on anything again.

A few months ago, I was contacted by a rep from Simplest Home and asked to review one of their baby proofing products. Because of our love/hate history with baby proofing stuff, and because lately James can pretty much get into anything he wants with ease, I was interested in what he was going to send.

And he sent me magnetic drawer locks! When I opened the package I was about to send it right back because I knew there was no way in hell I was going to talk Andrew into drilling these into another piece of our furniture. BUT, the first thing I saw on the package was, “No drilling required!” Woot.

These are awesome. We installed them in minutes and the kids can’t open the drawers (they also work on cabinets.) The package included a link to video installation directions, which we didn’t even have to use, but is always nice to have. Also, yes, you do need a magnet (they included two) to open the drawer/cabinet but if you lose the magnet that’s included, a normal refrigerator magnet also works so there really is no draw back to these locks.  Available on Amazon or on the Simplest Home website.

GooseWaddle Blanket Review

FebMarch2014 004_phixr

Before Mr. James was born I received an email from a rep at GooseWaddle asking me to write a product review of their baby blankets.  As much as I like reading reviews on other blogs, it wasn’t something I originally wanted to do in this space; but the allure of free stuff has won me over.

GooseWaddle sent me a gift set that included a full-sized baby blanket, a baby blankie (we call these “lovies”, those little squares of fabric lined with satin that babies looooove) and a bonus bespectacled toy goose (hilarious.)

I wasn’t expecting to be super impressed by a baby blanket, but we LOVE this one. The blanket is incredibly soft and fluffy and James spent many of his first days wrapped up in it with just his diaper on.  Even after washing it has remained like new. It’s warm and thick so it was ideal for the March weather when we were bringing James home from the hospital, and even now we use it for tummy time and playtime on the floor.  I can’t say I ‘d mind being swaddled in this blanket myself.

The entire gift set goes for $105 and the blanket alone is $65 and comes in a choice of blue, pink or white. When I placed my order James hadn’t been born yet so I went with a neutral white and somehow it is still white.

These blankets aren’t cheap and I probably wouldn’t spend this kind of money on a blanket for myself, but that is what makes it a nice gift for new parents. It comes adorably packaged, and for every blanket purchased GooseSwaddle donates a blanket to a child in need. That makes us happy.


GooseWaddle provided me with a  complimentary gift set but the views expressed here are my own and I was not paid for this post. I promise I wouldn’t take the time to write a post about something I thought was crappy.