Sleep. Glorious Sleep.


This clock is our new best friend.

When James finally started sleeping through the night, like a sick joke, Reese started waking at 5 AM.  We tried making her room darker, which didn’t help, we tried forcing her to go back to her room to sleep, which resulted in her throwing loud fits directly in front of James’s door, and we tried getting her to get into bed with us, just for a “few more minutes”, which resulted in more fits.

I had heard about alarm clocks for kids that let parents set the time they want their kid to wake up, and at that time the clock lights up, letting the kid know it is ok to get up. I didn’t think this would work for us, since Reese never listens to us when we ask her to stay in her room, so why would she listen to a clock? But, my nephew has one and my sister-in-law said it worked. We thought we’d try it, and I talked up the idea of Reese having her “very own alarm clock!”

I bought this one from Amazon. The Kid’Sleep Classic. It was $37, which was more than I was planning on spending but I knew the key to making it work was for her to be excited about it; the less expensive versions I showed her online from Target and Walmart did not excite her in the least. But, a cow dancing ballet in a pink tutu is really all a girl could ask for.

The clock is also a night-light, so when she goes to bed the clock has a glowing picture of a cow tucked into bed. Come 7 AM (which is the time we set it to, because for us, that’s sleeping in) the ballet dancing cow lights up.

And right now, its working. I know that she waits in her bed for the ballet dancing cow to light up, because most mornings, I can hear her feet hit the ground at exactly 7:00.

We’ve had it for a couple of months and she still usually stays in bed until it lights up.  I know that it is still semi-new so maybe in a few more weeks the excitement will wear off and we’ll be back to rising with the sun. But right now we are happy with it and I would recommend it to anyone who likes their sleep.

Our Fav New Toy

2013-01-25 Jackie Cell 007_phixr

2013-01-25 Jackie Cell 001_phixr

2013-01-26 Jackie Cell 005_phixr

2013-01-26 Jackie Cell 003_phixr

2013-01-26 Jackie Cell 002_phixr

Growing up, one of our most beloved toys was the play kitchen in our basement. It had a mini fridge and a sink with a red checkered “backsplash” complete with a picture of a window and outdoor scenery. It was the focal point for many games of “house” and “restaurant” and it’s still the first thing that comes to mind when I picture our childhood playroom in the basement of my parents’ house.  So when my parents asked if they could get Reese a play kitchen for her first birthday, we were all excited.

We chose the Melissa & Doug Cook’s Corner  play kitchen. The kitchen is wooden, which I wanted, and is one of the smaller sets I found, which is also good for us because we don’t have a ton of room. It was delivered to us back in October but I didn’t get around to assembling it until a few weeks ago.  I am taking full advantage of procrastination while I still can.

The assembly was a biatch but somehow I put the whole thing together myself (almost.) After incorrectly attaching them (twice), I sought help from Andrew in putting the hinges on the oven and refrigerator doors.

So far, Reese is having a ball opening the doors and putting rando stuff inside  the “oven” and “refrigerator” (her shoes and socks, blocks, her bowl etc.) Turning the oven and stove knobs, setting the timer (then forgetting it is on and crying when it goes off) are also exciting new activities.

Like most sane people, I think she still prefers the real fridge to the toy fridge (she loves taking the condiments out of the bottom shelf on the refrigerator door) but I know as she gets older she’ll get more into it.

In the pictures above the kitchen is shown in our living room, but it now sits in the corner of our kitchen so Reese can “cook” in the proper setting. I am not one to comment on other people’s ideas of cooking, but I do know that it shouldn’t involve roasting your sippy cup or boiling your socks, so I think we still have some work to do.

Holiday Fun


I am seriously excited for Christmas this year.

I always love the holidays (family, food, delicious cocktails, gifts etc.), but this year with Reese, it will be extra special. I cannot wait to see all the family members who will be available to hold my child while I sample the food, down the delicious cocktails and open the gifts.

Just kidding. Kinda.

I have always had excessive enthusiasm for the Christmas season, and my sisters made fun of me for years because even when I was much too old to be doing so, I would wake up crazy early on Christmas morning. It went on for far too long. I won’t even tell you how old I was when I stopped going into my parents room and asking them to get up so I could open presents. This year, my excitement is no less and there is talk of giving Reese her gifts now because we cannot wait until Christmas Day.

I ordered Reese three gifts this year;  a drum (her second one, oopsie! The B Parum Pum Pum Drum from Target), a Nabi2 tablet (basically a real tablet, but for a baby; it’s a little ridic because she’s a year old, but we couldn’t help ourselves) and a grocery bag filled with pretend food from OneStepAhead (her grandparents got her a pretend kitchen for her birthday and a girl’s gotta eat!)

There were probably about 20 other things I would have LOVED to get her but I am trying to keep it under control, since she’s one and will never remember this, will probably just put everything in her mouth anyway, and oh yea, because gifts aren’t what Christmas is all about.

Can you imagine when she can actually tell me that she wants things? Or better yet, when she realizes that the terror of sitting on Santa’s lap is actually inflicted upon her because she’s supposed to tell him what she wants.

We are so in for it.

B. Parum Pum Pum Drum 5906964 Larger Front