I Used To Love Dinnertime

IMG_5700 (1)_phixr

This is how dinnertime is at my house. A four-year old looks at the cheese quesadilla in front of her and says that she doesn’t like chicken, or brown things!  A two-year old cries continuously for crackers. When he is placed in front of his dinner, he screams louder, throws his spoon, his cup and then his bowl.

Everyone at the table ignores him. Then he starts screaming “All done!” and starts pulling at the tablecloth. So, he is released from his confines and free to play as he pleases. Thirty minutes later, as the dishes are being cleared away, he begins crying for a “COOKIE!” Two hours later, as he’s being put into his crib he will look up at you with big, beautiful brown eyes, and have the balls to say, “I want some dinner.”

3 thoughts on “I Used To Love Dinnertime

  1. I can soooo relate to this! My son this summer has decided he doesn’t like anything with grill marks on it or the breading to chicken nuggets or tenders. He will sit there and pick the outer-layer off of all of his meat if we tell him he has to eat it. So gross! I’m just about to post my most recent post about three days of restaurant eating and the insane amount of chicken tenders my children ate (since that was the ONLY thing they would eat off of any restaurant menu!).

  2. You couldn’t describe it better! Meal time struggles were very real and I had to plan for them just as I’d plan the meals.

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