Today Was That Day

Six months into my life as a mother of two, some days are good, and some are not.

Some days your kid refuses to get out of the lake.

After 10 minutes of spewing idle threats from the beach, “You are in timeout when we get home!”, “NO TV!”, “I will leave you here!”, “No dinner!”, you turn into that crazy mom and wade into the water with one kid strapped to your chest, and drag the other kid out of the lake and across the sand by one arm.

Other beachgoers look on in horror.

You don’t care.



One thought on “Today Was That Day

  1. Poor Jackie,
    You would have laughed to see me at the lake last Fri with Jo letting everyone know she didn’t want her grandmother to change her diaper. After changing all of Emily and Eben’s diapers you would think I could get the job done without looking totally inept. But I do want to take her swimming again and again. But maybe on a day with more than 10 people on the beach so I’m not quite so noticeable

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