Halloween. 3 Weeks Later.

DSC00932 (2)



Some belated Halloween pictures from Reese’s first time trick-or-treating.

We went with some neighborhood friends and as you can see, Reese tore up the town.


In the week leading up to Halloween we talked a lot about how we would go out that night, ride in the wagon, knock on people’s doors and say “trick-or-treat!” After our first house I realized that I had left out some important info, namely the fact that we don’t bomb into the people’s houses, we just wait in the doorway. Also, the people will usually hand us the candy and we don’t have to grab the bowl from their hands, force it down to our level, and help ourselves. Turns out Reese is an aggressive trick-or-treater.

DSC00903 (2)

DSC00844 (2)

DSC00852 (2)

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