On Scary Elmo Bubblebaths

Nary a day goes by where I do not fear that I have scarred my daughter in some way. Last night was no different.

I bought some Elmo bubblebath this weekend thinking I was the bomb mom, and we tried it out last night.

Apparently, when you have never seen bubbles before, they can be scary. It kind of makes sense I guess. Normally your mom puts you in a bath with clear water where you can see all your toys and body parts, then one day she puts you in a bath full of white stuff and acts like its NBD.

Reese freaked out when I stood her up in the tub full of bubbles. She began saying “No! No! Nooooooooo!”, pointing at the bathroom door and trying to climb out of the tub with a look of panic on her face. Being out of the tub was not enough; the sight of the bubbles was too much and we had to leave the bathroom completely.

Getting back in took a few tries. I mean the bubbles were still in the tub, so I don’t really blame her. She kept looking at me with the saddest face imaginable and saying, “bubbles.”  Normally, bath time is one of her favorite parts of the day, so I’m sure she was internally cursing me for screwing with it.

Finally, with her screaming all the while, I charged back into the bathroom and drained the tub of the cursed bubbles. I eventually got her back into the tub with just water, but it wasn’t the same. She was extremely cautious and inspected her bath toys, the water, and the wash cloth suspiciously.

Hopefully one day she will be able to forget this incident and won’t end up being the weird kid in school who is afraid of bubbles.

Here’s Reese in happier bath times.


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