Late Weekend Nights and Monday Night Bluesies

Monday nights are rough ones for us.

Reese usually has a little bit of trouble getting back into her weekday routine after getting to spend all weekend with mom and dad. And I of course, miss her even more during the day after being with her Fri-Sun.

She was especially thrown off this weekend because Gammy and Grandpa babysat on Saturday evening while Andrew and I went to a Bruce Springsteen concert with my sister and brother-in-law. To say we had the best time is an understatement. Even the rain that fell during our tailgate and our nosebleed seats in Gillette stadium could not ruin our time. We were pumped to be out on a Saturday night and The Boss did not disappoint.

When we got home we tried to sneak up to bed but Reese woke up the minute we laid down and then continued to wake every 2 hours until 6 AM.  I can’t say I wasn’t a little excited that I didn’t have to wait until morning to see her; but Sunday was a brutal reminder of why we do not stay out past 10 PM anymore.

I was lucky enough to catch a nap while Reese slept on Sunday afternoon; but come Monday morning neither Andrew nor I felt totally caught up on our sleep. We are such oldies. Bruce was totally worth it though.

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