Hey Big Stander!

standing up

Well, time has officially flown by.

Sunday morning as I was rinsing Reese’s diaper out in the bathroom, I walked back into the nursery and found her standing up holding onto the side of her crib. She has been standing up like that for a while but this was the first time she had actually pulled herself up from the sitting position all by herself.  Aside from making me a little nervous, I was proud of my girl. Go Reesie! I only wish I had been able to see how she did it.

Andrew then lowered her crib all the way down  to the lowest setting.  I guess it is only a matter of time before she is trying to hurl herself out of the crib (as I have heard some babies do, and as I had seen my little sister do.) Tear. She is so not a baby anymore!

“They grow up so fast” is no longer just one of those things all parents say. I totally get it now.

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