Travels with Baby

This weekend our travels will take us to the lovely Martha’s Vineyard, or “The Vinyid” as peeps around here call it. My cousin Erin, her husband Jeff, and their two boys, Cole and Gus are MV locals and have been nice enough to let us stay with them for the weekend.

Despite having lived in Massachusetts my entire life, I have never really been to the Vineyard, so I’m looking forward to feeling fancy and popping my collar while  strolling around Vineyard Haven in my pink whale shorts.

While making our packing list this morning I realized something. When I made our travel arrangements I seemed to forget one thing. We have a baby now. We don’t travel like we used to. 

When I logged on to the steamship authority webpage to make our ferry reservations I realized that if you want to take your car over to the island, you have to book WAY in advance. Like, more than 4 days in advance. I was a little annoyed that we couldn’t take our car but I didn’t think it was a huge deal because Erin had offered to pick us up from the port in MV and to drive us around for the weekend.

In some ways, traveling with an 8 month old is a lot easier than traveling with a newborn (See our story here, about the first time we ever left the house with Reese), but she still requires a TON of stuff (diapers, wipes, food, spoons,cups, etc.) , and not having a car to hold it all is going to be interesting and probably hilarious. Poor Andrew.

We even have to bring our entire car seat with us on the ferry. How do people with kids who live in the cities and take cabs do it?? I always wondered about this. Do some cabs have car seats already in them? I cringe at this thought. I am not a total germaphobe, but putting Reese in a public car seat in a cab sounds like the equivalent of  letting her suck on the handrails on the Orange Line.

So off we go. Fingers crossed that we make it to the island without forgetting anything major, like our baby. I’m sure we’ll have some stories when we get back.

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