86 Days ago…

Eight-six days ago, Ms. Reese came into our lives and we are forever changed.

We now drive slow. We go to bed early and we wake up even earlier. We talk in high-pitched tones. All the time. We get excited over the Babies R Us coupons that come in the mail. We get even more excited when we go to Babies R Us. We never leave the house without a binky. If we do, we  turn around and go home. Every time we go somewhere, we secure everything in our car down with bungy cords, lest it become a projectile. Instead of having nightmares about missing a test in high school, we have nightmares that we are somewhere without a binky. We watch our mouths. We say things like, “are they crazy?!” when we get invited to go on someone’s boat, or to a dinner party that starts at 7:30. We curse people who drive too fast when we are on walks with the baby. We say things like “Yep, she’s into her 6 month clothes now!” and “growin’ like a weed.” We document the color and consistency of poop. We run by those baby modeling agency booths in the mall because we are sure they are going to ask us about Reese and we just don’t have time to talk to them. We easily take 30 pictures a day. We plan in advance now (or try to.) We never go to the after party.

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