On Work and Home

I am lucky enough to have a job that is sensitive to the fact that I have a small child.

Most of the time, I am out of the office at 4 PM and able to be home by 5 or 5:30. I work from home on Fridays, and if Reese is sick, everyone is pretty understanding about me  taking time off to stay home with her. Aside from my own illnesses, my sick time also covers times when Reese or her caregiver is sick, which is extremely helpful. I get lots of and personal and vacation time and my office closes each year between Christmas and New Years.

But like anything good in life my job also has downsides, and unfortunately for me these include a long and frustrating commute, and the fact that my position is not really aligned with the career goals I have (although these have changed a little since Ms. Reese arrived). Since Reese was born it has become clear that I am more in love with the people I work with, and the environment that I work in, than the work that I do.

I work with some pretty awesome people and enjoy flexibility that I know is uncommon in most workplaces, but I still struggle with the amount of time that I miss with Reese each day.

At the same time, I am happy to contribute financially to my family as well as to relieve some stress from Andrew, who works primarily on commission.

Leaving each morning never seems to get any easier, but I am more aware of the time that I do get to spend with Reese and I value literally every minute, since they always seem to be too few and far between.

Although the feeling of dread that comes on a Sunday evening seems much heavier these days, the excitement of a Friday afternoon now has a whole new sweetness.


3 thoughts on “On Work and Home

  1. I haven’t completely made up my mind on what I want to do once the baby is born. I do know that I feel, I have no other word except for bad, when I am not contributing financially to this household. It’s unfortunate too that my degree hasn’t got me anywhere close to competing with my husbands income.

    I’m glad you have a great place to work, I also hope you have a great Friday afternoon!

    • Thanks for your comment! Staying at home to take care of the baby is a huge contribution in and of itself. If we could swing that I would do it in an second! Whichever choice you make, know that your family wouldn’t be able to do it without you!

      • PB would love to be a stay at home daddy. If I ever find something that comes close to his salary. He would just do a part time at a cinema for free movies and I would bring home the bacon.

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