Baby Monitors: They’re Not Just For Babies Anymore

This afternoon I received a text from Andrew containing the picture below with the message “Operation Dig Your Own Grave has commenced.”

Andrew and I (who am I kidding; only Andrew) has spent a lot of time working on our lawn. We have a good sized backyard and he has worked hard to keep the grass neatly mowed and watered, to make sure it stays green, and to fill in bare spots. Last year, our dog Miles began digging gigantic holes while she was outside. Andrew filled them in, planted new grass, and Miles seemed to have lost interest in digging.

Recently she has started digging again and we can’t figure out how to make her stop. We are never able to catch her in the act of digging the hole. We only see the holes long after they are dug, when it would be too late to reprimand her.

This morning as I was leaving for work Andrew told me that he was going to take the baby monitor (we have a video monitor) and train it on the backyard to try to catch Miles in the act; so he could tell her “No!” right as she was digging.

I’m not gonna lie, I thought this was a pretty good idea. I’m sick of falling in those holes.

Our Summer Infant Babytouch Video Monitor has been the source of much amusement for us over the past few months. Through it, we have caught glimpses of Reese passed out on her back with both feet sticking through the rails of her crib, asleep sitting up (hilarious), and once, after letting her cry for a few minutes until she eventually fell asleep, we turned it on to be greeted by the sight of just her butt in the air, as if she was showing us exactly what she thought of our cry it out method.

99% of the time, we use the monitor for its intended purpose (to monitor our baby, obvi) but there is that other 1% of the time when it serves other more creative purposes. Such as today.

I’ll keep you updated on how this Operation plays out. Luckily, Miles doesn’t seem to suspect a thing

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