Wednesday Funday


Wednesday night I enjoyed a rare, baby-free night out with my girlfriends from college.

I headed to Davis Square right after I got out of work and since I was the first to arrive, I got to walk around ALL BY MYSELF for a little bit. I browsed the racks of “Found” an upscale consignment store in Davis Square, which had some great shoes and some hilarious staff members (one in particular who tried to convince me that I was cool enough to pull off a “formal romper”) and checked out some local boutiques while I waited for my friends to arrive.

About an hour later, everyone arrived and we met in Posto, an adorable Italian restaurant in Davis with delish pizza, where we were seated at a table in the back room (they must have known how loud we were.) We spent the rest of the night sharing fig and prosciutto pizzas and sipping Peronis while catching up on each others’ busy lives.

Reese didn’t want to miss out though, so while I was getting dinner with the girls, she was hitting up the Boston bar scene with her Daddy. For real.

A few weeks ago, I asked Andrew if he could watch Reese on Wednesday night while I went out with friends. He agreed, but then forgot and said he would go to a friend’s going away party at a bar in Boston. When we realized we had double booked, he asked me if he could take Reese. In true Mom fashion I asked him to use his best judgement about the place he wanted to take her (I know. I’m annoying)

His best judgement told him to take Reese to the bar.

So we all got our night out yet still managed to be in bed by 10 (and Reese by 8.) We don’t hang like we used to.

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